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  • Apps for Smart Drone

    Drone Application software, Android, IOS Apps,
    and Window Desktop SW('iGCS') for drone control.

  • A New Product iCallie Edge/Circle

    A wearable Bluetooth product which notifies calls, messages, and distance by RGB LED color,
    Install the App('iCallieBLE') from Google play store and App store.

  • Usage of iCallie Edge and Circle

    for Meetings, Health, Biking, Young boy and Girl, and Pets

  • Audio-jack type iCallie

    An another Way to Receive Calls and SMS,
    Install the App(iCallie) from Google Play Store.

  • Wearable Healthcare Device iCareU

    The New Standard of Personal Healthcare Monitoring Service,
    Measures Body temperature, Heart Rate, SpO2, and Hand vibration

  • Smart creator IONLABS

    We lead the new standard of Smart Devices,
    IoT Products, Smart Healthcare Services, and AI Softwares.

  • A variety of products for IoT services
    Smart Devices for convenient life
    Smart Healthcare for healthy life
    Softwares for AI
    + and much more

App Development

Android/IOS App(Native), Hybird App, and Web Server Software

IoT Smart Platforms

Bluetooth Wearable Devices, IoT-based Smart Devices, and Smart Device Apps

Smart Healthcare Softwares

Personal Health Monitoring, Healthcare Apps, and Healthcare Service Platform

Convergence Softwares

AI Software, Robot Software, and Drone Application Services


We lead the new standard of Smart Devices, IoT Products, Health Care Services, and AI Software.

#904, Incheon IT Tower, 229 Gyeongin-ro, Michuhol-gu, Incheon, 22016, Korea

+82 70-8834-0816