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  • Apps for Smart Drone

    Drone Application software, Android, IOS Apps,
    and Window Desktop SW('iGCS') for drone control.

  • A New Product iCallie Edge/Circle

    A wearable Bluetooth product which notifies calls, messages, and distance by RGB LED color,
    Install the App('iCallieBLE') from Google play store and App store.

  • Usage of iCallie Edge and Circle

    for Meetings, Health, Biking, Young boy and Girl, and Pets

  • Audio-jack type iCallie

    An another Way to Receive Calls and SMS,
    Install the App(iCallie) from Google Play Store.

  • Wearable Healthcare Device iCareU

    The New Standard of Personal Healthcare Monitoring Service,
    Measures Body temperature, Heart Rate, SpO2, and Hand vibration

  • Smart creator IONLABS

    We lead the new standard of Smart Devices,
    IoT Products, Smart Healthcare Services, and AI Softwares.

  • A variety of products for IoT services
    Smart Devices for convenient life
    Smart Healthcare for healthy life
    Softwares for AI
    + and much more

AI Robot Platforms

AI Robot Platforms, Robot Software, and Drone App, Services

IoT Smart Platforms

IoT-based Smart Devices, Bluetooth Wearable Devices, and Smart Device Apps

Smart Healthcare

Personal Health Monitoring, Healthcare Apps, and Healthcare Service Platform

App Development

Android/IOS App(Native), Hybird App, and Web Server Software


We lead the new standard of Smart Devices, IoT Products, Health Care Services, and AI Software.

#904, Incheon IT Tower, 229 Gyeongin-ro, Michuhol-gu, Incheon, 22016, Korea

+82 70-8834-0816